Out of the blue

Seafood has sustained the people of southern Scotland for the past 10,000 years and is still an integral part of local, rural life. However, the industry is often misunderstood or ignored. Scallops, oysters, lobster and crab provide the main catch, but very little of this is sold locally or nationally, instead it is mainly exported to central Europe.

Out of the Blue documented the people, places and environments that support, shape and sustain locally landed seafood in southern Scotland. It aimed to raise awareness and understanding about locally caught seafood to sustain rural economies and communities and highlight local produce and local food initiatives that connect producers and consumers in southern Scotland as an alternative to the current global food model.

The project culminated in an outdoor exhibition in the fishing village of Kirkcudbright. It was also selected for the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland 2015, where additional work was commissioned that included six billboard-size installations being erected across the main trade route of Southern Scotland during the festival.

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